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Cantienica® Method

Walk through life upright, light & graceful!
The new body feeling will inspire you too!

The CANTIENICA® method is a holistic body training based on the laws of living anatomy (vivatomy). Benita Cantieni is the founder of CANTIENICA® Body in Evolution. Through her intensive research it is constantly being developed.
Powerful, flexible deep muscles keep the bones and joints healthy and make the body beautiful. The relaxed, upright posture gives the body a graceful appearance.
Each CANTIENICA® exercise networks the whole body from sole to crown and is a guide to self-healing.
The CANTIENICA® method trains your self-awareness and mindfulness for your body and you take self-responsibility.
The training supports your fitness and makes you mobile until old age.

Fascial Distortions Model

The fast way to freedom from pain!

Stephen Typaldos D.O. was born in the USA in 1957. After graduating as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, he worked as a physician and emergency room physician in the hospital as well as in his own practice.
Beginning in 1991, Typaldos began to develop a completely new model of diagnosis and treatment through close observation of his patients. By looking and listening closely, he realized that patients intuitively know which treatment steps are important for them. This is because they express this through typical gestures and words. The targeted manual treatment based on this was immediately effective and relieved pain.
This motivated Stephen Typaldos to accurately describe and publish both the FDM view and the treatment method. He published his findings in medical journals and wrote several reference books on the fascial distortion model (FDM).
Stephen Typaldos D.O. verstarb überraschend am 5. April 2006 im Alter von 49 Jahren. Seither haben seine Schüler und Wegbegleiter in Europa, den USA, Japan und Afrika FDM-Vereine gegründet und gewährleisten damit anerkannte Qualitätsstandards für die FDM-Ausbildung sowie kulturübergreifenden medizinischen Austausch zum Fasziendistorsionsmodell.

Curative Eurythmy

A holistic movement therapy!

Curative Eurythmy was founded by Rudolf Steiner in 1921 and belongs as a therapeutic method to Anthroposophical Medicine.
Eurythmy therapy is an independent movement therapy. The consciously guided movements of the limbs affect physiological and functional processes of the nervous-sensory, rhythmic and metabolic systems. The basis of the movement processes is the shaping dynamics that take place in the human speech organization when pronouncing vowels and consonants. This dynamic has an inner relationship to growth and regeneration, as well as form power and form formation of the human body.