Nicole Janowski

Complementary therapist ED Method Curative Eurythmy
CANTIENICA® Instructor Level 4 Platinum
Medical practice assistant

From sports to Eurythmy/ Curative Eurythmy to the CANTIENICA® method, I have been able to make an exciting and interesting journey through a variety of different movement qualities. Eurythmy and the CANTIENICA® method are the perfect pair for me, simply an ingenious combination.
In Curative Eurythmy, movement becomes a medicine that is available to us at any time, which I find great. It is my endeavor to grasp each person holistically, in his or her constitution, and to use the Curative Eurythmy exercises individually as a targeted "movement medicine".

As a medical practice assistant, I look back on many years of experience in the medical field. Since 2001 I have been working as a complementary therapist in my own practice. The courses health promotion with Eurythmy, as well as Eurythmy for the Workplace are also a great concern for me.

My first encounter with the CANTIENICA® method was love at first sight. Shortly thereafter, I began the training and have now been teaching the CANTIENICA method with enthusiasm since 2010. To support and accompany people on their individual journey through the body is incredibly exciting.
In private, group and themed lessons, as well as workshops, I pass on the fine, differentiated CANTIENICA® exercises with a lot of empathy. To go through life upright, light and graceful in everyday life is wonderful, that's why I especially love the lessons in nature. The CANTIENICA® eye exercises are a masterpiece of Benita Cantieni, simply fantastic what can be experienced through the journey in our microcosm eye. I find the words of Goethe very appropriate: "If the eye were not sunlike, it could never see the sun.

Carlo Janowski

Certified Curative Eurythmist
FDM Therapist
Waldorf School Teacher

Since 2001 I have been working as an eurythmy therapist in my own practice. Over the years I have developed Orthopedic Eurythmy Therapy and specialized in orthopedic conditions. My education and training in different directions of manual therapy, complement the movement therapy eurythmy therapy. The fascia distortion model according to Stephen Typaldos is for me one of the most effective pain therapies in the field of orthopedic conditions.

My goal is to find the cause of the problems instead of treating the symptoms. This therapy approach focuses on the person as an individuality, only together with my clients can this goal be achieved, because each person is the expert for his own body.